"White Horse Theatre" zu Gast

White Horse Theatre

On Thursday the 5th June 2014 the White horse theatre came to play for us. There were four actors. Amy, 23 from Edinburgh, Johnny, 23 from Liverpool, Charlotte, 26 years from Bristol and Ben, 22 from Jersey.
The theatre group prepared 3 different plays, all written by Peter Grifith. They presented “The Empty Chair” for the classes 5 and 6, “Success Story” for the classes 7 and 8, and “Dreaming in English” for the classes 9 and 10.
Our play was shown first in the 1st and 2nd lesson. We went into the gym at 8 o’clock. After a short greeting the play started.
There were three young people. Sally, Simon and Phil. They all had a problem. Sally felt ugly and she didn´t have a boyfriend, Simon wasn´t cool and didn´t have a girlfriend and Phil had bad marks at school. That´s why they wrote to a problem website. Suddenly a pink fairy appeared and they all shared a dream: Now they were in a TV-Show and nobody had a problem. It was a Doctor series. In the dream Sally was beautiful and two doctors wanted to go out with her. Simon was cool and successful and a girl liked him a lot and Phil was so clever that he became a very successful and famous doctor.
After the dream the three young people talked to each other, became more self-confident and helped each other. Sally and Simon fell in love and Simon helped Phil to study and pass his exams.

by Joelle Tauser, grade 8

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